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May 14, 2017

Golf is associated with pristine fields with small vehicles carrying people dressed in expensive clothing from one hole to another in a stage where the green predominates over other colors. However, there are so many fields, that it was expected that a few would leave the established norms. Also, you can give a look at the Golf GPS Reviews.

Healthy Sport:

Few activities can keep you in shape, running for about 10 km, over 5 hours, walking light, hitting balls ... And having fun! A fun that also regenerates muscle flexibility and aerobic endurance, and burns about 1,400 calories.

It is for life:

Golf can surely be enjoyed in relatives, and to a very advanced age. To have fun is not necessary to play well ... just play! That yes because of its plane of complicatedness, there will forever be space for development. Golf will become a challenge and a personal achievement.

Improves concentration:

Playing golf is the best recipe against stress. All the elements that intervene, from the choice of the most suitable club to the direction and intensity of the wind, are important, by launching the necessary concentration. To assess all variables, the player trains his mind to not disperse, forget concerns and improves mental health. A game of golf is like leaving for a mini vacation.

An Affordable Sport:

It is an affordable game that is played and liked by nearly everyone in the town. In them, you can start thanks to its Golf schools, which welcome people of all ages, and practice this exciting sport at really affordable prices

It gives you principles:

Golf is a game of self-regulation. There are no referees, the player himself is the one who must apply the Rules and apply himself the corresponding penalties and relief procedures. There are also rules of Courtesy that regulate the coexistence of players in the field. Your practice will help you to be more orderly and less impulsive; to control your emotions.

It is a sociable activity:

During the game, while practicing and exercising, it is possible to converse and socialize. It is a sport to be shared with friends or family ... and to meet new partners.

A different game:

Golf is the only sport that allows you to compete on equal terms with other players of the different technical level to yours, thanks to a unique feature, the handicap, which will vary as you progress in the game.

It binds you to nature:

Golf is played in a leisurely way. It is, therefore, possible to enjoy the surroundings and contemplate the nature that surrounds you, admiring forests, rivers, fauna ... including the Cantabrian Sea.

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